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Villa A is the biggest and most spacious of the three villa typologies. Built on two floors and a pendant, it is perfect for luxury living. You can choose for it to be completed with high-quality interiors by Italian designers to add a touch of timeless beauty and add value. This way we will provide you with a turn-key property, you only need to move in.


Interior design: You can choose between two styles of interior design – a nordic minimalistic touch from Pluss or Italian quality and elegance from CIAC export. We also have a third interior design project for those who want to work on their interiors on their own.

The property is comprised of three separate thatched pavilions, quintessentially modern in design and situated around the landscaped grounds. The two main pavilions look out onto a lush garden which is the focal point of the property while the pendant overviews the village.

Net area of Villa type A is 300 sqm on 2 floors and  Brutto 392 sqm with a closed parking area as an option. Garden is about 1100 – 2100 sqm. Terrace of 110 sqm.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2 living rooms
  • office space, 2 closets
  • separated kitchen
  • sauna
  • garages

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For a personalization of your villa, you can add other bathrooms, swimming pool or other in co-operation with our Italian engineers. Our team will also help you with interior design, choice of materials and planning in co-operation with notorious interior design architects. You can use your own fantasy, or that of an architect – the sky is the limit.

In addition to that, all 69 villas carry a Da Vinci-inspired name. Find out the name of your villa from LGV list: Villa Mona Lisa, Villa Elicottero di Leonardo or others and  Live with and in style.

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