Lifestyle evolution
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Its overall concept makes Leonardo Golf Village a trend-setter in the Baltic Sea region. Differently from most developers, the village is ready with all its communications, roads, lights and brand, supported by the idea-carrying architecture, embellishment of the area and the da Vinci targeted greenery and outdoors. All constructions in the area are designed by Italian architect Achille Michelizzi to ensure the completeness of the village, while the greenery and attributes are chosen by landscape architect Kersti Saloste to carry da Vinci message and support the brand.  You will notice that every detail about the village has been carefully chosen for quality and design, to maximize your comfort and quality of life and plan the longevity of the lifestyle village. From infrastructure and communications, the village has ready-built network of gas pipelines to each plot, electricity, communications, main drainage, street lights, house canalization, quality roads  in the village with a 5-level asphalt layers. Artificial hills and lakes decor the village.


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