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The narrative of Leonardo Golf Village authentically carries the message of Leonardo da Vinci. Once al avant garde during his era, he was the forefront of both, surrounding beauty with his arts and sculptures and engineering with his futuristic creations. So does the village follow the philosophy of being futuristic yet classical,  energy-efficient yet design centered. Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius, his creations ahead of his times, his engineering  futuristic yet having an artistic timeless touch.  So is Leonardo Golf Village – with its energy saving design homes and village concept, thus symbolizing innovativness, design and the importance of technology.
The message-carrying idea of Leonardo Golf Village is present everywhere in daily life of the village -the  grand master’s designs, quotations and engineering creations enrich the village visually:
  • quotations on the borders of sidewalks
  • curbstones with da Vinci’s designs engraved
  • manhole covers or other elements with illustrations
  • etc

Leonardo Da Vinci is a message-carrying idea throughout the  village, delivering the brand values of the resort and raises interest towards what is behind it. The village bridges  associating oneself to branded living through carrying brand values in daily life in a unique way.

Our carrying idea is to make Leonardo Golf Village a good neighborhood to live, commute, spend a holiday, work, sport and think surrounded by peace and beauty, yet offering a lot of choice for hobbies and activities. The village combines respect for nature with enthusiasm for busy, engaging, active and dynamic life. The idea of Leonardo Golf Village is carried by a combination of rendering elements, representing its branded living concept. Decorative elements, street stones with engraved da Vinci creations and quotations will make life interesting and colorful in the village. Even a wooden copy of Leonardo’s engineering creations is planned to decorate the village.

Wooden copies of Leonardo’s engineering projects decorate the  village in a manner that integrates them to daily living –  such as the wooden parachute functioning as grill-house   and other ideas.Phrases ever said by da Vinci are incorporated to the daily living, such as on the attractions of children’s playground, park chairs, in other spaces of common areas etc.

The bridge connecting the beach area and the village is projected similar to that once designed by da Vinci.  The name, “Leonardo Golf Village” is easy to remember (in Estonian, respectively, Leonardo  Golfiküla).  The choice of the name allows the organizing of a series of media events (statue-openings, da Vinci-related events etc), the restaurant-conference area will be open for organizing media events, fashion shows, workshops etc .

Concorcium. The rendering of the village is financed from the sales of the houses and apartments, where 3% of the sales price will be donated to LGV ad hoc concorcium for rendering and decorating the village and organizing events.  The concorcium will be run by property owners themselves in the village in order to take care of the greenery, maintenance, image management and other important issues of dwelling unions. The existance of the consorcium is a guarantee for a continuum of future development of the village. Owning a property at LGV successfully results also in owning a part of the consorcium.


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