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A few kilometers from Pärnu, Estonia’s Summer Capital lies Valgeranna (Whitebeach). Valgeranna is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Estonia and in the wider Baltics. It is a popular beach among local vacationers as well as for those arriving from surrounding countries. The seaside is protected from the Northern winds by a pine forest and is open to the sun all day long. In addition, nearby the White Beach golf course is located, with domes, hills and ponds providing pleasure for the eye when driving to Valgeranna beach, as well as Audru Golf course.

Valgeranna, together with Pärnu, has long been one of Estonia’s most popular holiday destinations. The upper class residents once enjoyed the privacy and natural beauty of the area. From a later period Villa Andropoff –the historical summer residence of the elite, now offers housing and the capacity to host conferences. Doberani Beach house dates back to the first republic era and operates as a hotel and cafeteria.

Remembering its history Valgeranna is committed to growth. In addition to Leonardo Golf Village new kindergarten is ready, and Pärnu’s biggest shopping center (total of 16 000 m2) is being built in the area.

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