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Summer Capital

Pärnu is a tourist magnet in the warmer months and is officially awarded the title of Estonia’s summer capital every year during Midsummer celebrations. The Pärnu county counts over 80 000 permanent inhabitants. In addition, Finnish and Russian tourists like to spend their summer holidays and weekends in Pärnu, adding a permanent international flavor to the living.


There are a lot of hotels, spas, sanatoriums, cafés, restaurants and entertainment venues in the city, which also hosts a large number of cultural and sports events, many close to the numerous beaches of the city. Its biggest drawcard, however, is its white, sandy beach, which the British newspaper The Independent named as one of the 50 best beaches in Europe in 2011. Great beaches can also be found north of the city (at Valgerand) and to its south (Uulu and Kabli).


Pärnu is home to a variety of shops, selection of great places to eat, as well as the Endla Theatre and several relaxing town parks. Pärnu was the hometown of the grandparents of the famous poet Pushkin and a destination for Swedish kings. Leonardo Golf Village is located just few kilometers from the city centre. From this incredible vantage point, you and your family will be at the crossroads of a wide variety of dining, shopping, arts, and various outdoor activities.


Pärnu is a historical beautiful resort, a seaside city with a small harbor in the South-West of Estonia. It is easily accessible from Riga, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. The city is famous for its spa’s, shallow white sandy beaches and parks, and healing mud. One can take passenger ferries from Pärnu to reach numerous Estonian islands, or have a relaxing weekend in a hotel or thermal Spa of this heart-warming town.

The Summer Capital

Pärnu, a former Hanseatic town, is a West-Estonian city with well-established traditions. It holds the title of summer capital, for over ten years by now, being thus rich in cultural events, festivals, concerts and happenings. Pärnu is recognised for its health resorts and spas for privileged people, whose experience reaches over 170 years.

Health Curort

At the beginning of 2006, the World Health Organization designated Pärnu as a full member of the Healthy Cities Network. Essentially, it means the City of Pärnu wants to be a city promoting healthy lifestyles, ensuring good health for its residents and visitors.








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