Lifestyle evolution
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Our carrying idea is to make Leonardo Golf Village a good neighbourhood to live, commute, spend a holiday, work, sport and think surrounded by peace and beauty, yet offering a lot of choice for hobbies and activities. The village combines respect for nature with enthusiasm for busy, engaging, active and dynamic life.

The idea of Leonardo Golf Village is carried by a combination of rendering elements, representing its branded living concept. Decorative elements, street stones with engraved da Vinci creations and quotations will make life interesting and colourful in the village. Even a wooden copy of Leonardo’s engineering creations is planned to decorate the village.

Concorcium. The rendering of the village is financed from the sales of the houses and apartments, where 3% of the sales price will be donated to LGV ad hoc concorcium. The concorcium will be run by property owners themselves in the village in order to take care of the greenery, maintenance, image management and other important issues of dwelling unions.

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