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Landscape architect Kersti Saloste prepared a technical study on Leonardo Golf Village’s greenery planning to create image, maintain and reinforce the uniformity of the village. The study suggested a detailed plan of how the area’s image would mirror the beauty of da Vinci’s environment and his famous engineering creations and drawings. One will find his citations engraved on the street stones and other objects in common areas of the village, drawings embellishing streets, grill houses furnishing the village. Copies of da Vinci’s engineering creations will be installed to the village in their original size, such as the flying machine or other ideas.


The greenery was chosen to fantasize with Da Vinci’s world. The landscape planning desires to imitate a golf landscape – low fluent forms, hills and small lakes, surrounded by a greenery imitating that of “da Vinci’s world” – elements such as slim sharp pyramide-like trees, pinetrees, rich bushes. A key element in the beautification planning is roadside greenery, with low-height and tall plants contrasting each other, visually imitating the landscape of Da Vinci.

The plan foresees health paths, playgrounds and grill areas for a leisure time in the middle of drawings and citations of da Vinci on various construction details, sculptures, common area walls etc. To make the area lively and livable.

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