Lifestyle evolution
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Lifestyle evolution

The narrative of Leonardo Golf Village is a story about technology, passion for design, unparalleled cohesion between energy efficiency and luxury lifestyle in this seaside golf area. Energy efficiency and design are the focal elements of Leonardo Golf Village lifestyle. It is built with highly energy-efficient materials and technology – for your quality living. The Leonardo Golf Village is a perfect fusion of Italian design, advanced technology and unique pure environment in a seaside resort.


Most materials in the village have been accurately chosen to reach the goal of being ecological and energy saving. The prize-winning Clima Block System invented by an Italian engineering and construction company Pontarolo SPA – a technology used in Leonardo Golf Village – allow the buildings to reach A level energy saving class. This construction system is perfect for building beautiful, energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes. This technology was awarded with Italy’s “Prize for Sustainable Development” by Italian president.

If A+ class of energy saving level if desired at Leonardo Golf Village, meeting the necessary requirements through investments is simple. Inside the concrete walls and ceilings we use an innovative glass-plastic fiber instead of steel traditionally used in dwellings. This fiber is more resistant than steel, lighter in weight, does not corrode, and on top of all – it does not transmit cold temperature, thus once more contributing to energy efficiency. In addition, the buildings are well positioned towards the sunlight and heat to maximize the use of natural lighting and heat. The fiber for dwelling fittings is the newest invention of Russia’s Military Industry. The advantage of this choice also consists in the fact that, differently from metal, the fiber does not carry electromagnetic waves, making the living environment healthier. It is 7% more expensive than metal, but it is a sustainable investment for future generations to come. Energy efficiency, together with technology and design, are the focal elements of Leonardo Golf Village philosophy.


The homes of Leonardo Golf Village have a small impact on the environment as well as a good indoor climate. Recent advances in energy efficiency, such as prize winning Clima Blocks mentioned above, together with the glass-plastic fiber, have been used to guarantee that the homes are born with low energy expenditure. As a result, heating the buildings require significantly less energy- translating into significantly lower monthly heating bills and a higher quality of life, not to talk about lower CO₂ footprint. The use of glass-plastic fiber contributes even more to an ecological living by raising energy-efficiency and sustainability. By using Clima Block we not only save the environment and build energy efficient homes, but also guarantee a high standard of construction quality.


At your choice we will add the element of being “intelligent” to your home, by installing domotics’ system. Your home will react to your will: you can adjust the temperatures of the heating and lighting online, prior the arrival to your Leonardo Golf Village home. With home automation you can, in advance, switch on the sauna, lights, heating, ventilation and TV, and enjoy a joyful welcome on arrival. You can constantly monitor your property through an online platform, be it on an I-pad or a simple computer, and see it in real-time on a video-screen. In more sophisticated versions of domotica, you can speak online to a guest, and let him in to your property via I-pad. The village is already equipped with all communications, high-speed internet allows families to work remotely from homes and to commute.

Future generations

The customers of Leonardo Golf Village are people who want to live beyond their times. They appreciate entwining technology and design into a lifestyle, seek for good neighbors, luxury, want to belong to a community and represent a lifestyle standing for ecology and energy efficiency. They appreciate design and active living in a secure and peerless area. The umbrella of Leonardo Golf Village Consorcium unite property owners into a lifestyle club. The cohesion of choices made for Leonardo Golf Village technology-, design- and energy-efficiency-wise make the village a unique and unparalleled sustainable investment for present and future generations.

A+ class energy certificate

Leonardo Golf Village homes have been designed to reach the A class level of energy efficiency. Energy efficient homes are meant to deliver comfort to customers by utilizing design principles and building materials to reduce energy loss, and by making the most of free natural lighting and heating. Leonardo Golf Village aims at being ahead of its time. The energy saving level of housing is already a key factor as a component in real-estate market price formation. In this light, all materials have been carefully chosen by the criteria of aiming at energy saving for being recyclable and environmentally friendly, emitting therefore less greenhouse gases.


At their own choice customers will add necessary design elements having so the privilege of personalizing their villa, by changing the overall planning, colours and energy efficiency level, and last but not least – the level of domotics. Elements of the houses have been specifically designed to minimize energy consumption, to optimize energy use and improve the comfort and meet strict insulation standards. Heat escape points are minimized, heating systems include heat recycling, such as ventilation with heat recovery. The customers can choose to have an open-air or an indoor garage, the colours, materials and technological installations, the type of heating systems, weather to install or not the ventilation, the overall floor plan design, size of terraces etc. You can also choose to have a fully-furnished turn-key property in co-operation with our engineers, sales personnel, architects and designers.

Energy expertize

Engineering and technical consultation company ESTIVO conducted a study for Leonardo Golf Village, to find the most optimal heating system possibilities. For heating, one can choose between heating pumps, gas heating or other combined with wood heating, all plots are provided with conjunction for gas supply network and homes equipped with fire-places. The choice of heating system is left to the customer. Our suggestion is to choose the environmentally sound land heat-pump system with underfloor heating.

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