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Sales agreement time schedule, payment schedule

1.       After visit and decision on the plot location (from available plots) and decision on Villa typology, the Parties sign the Reservation Contract, Customer is not obligated to pay a reservation fee until the design and finishing details have been settled.

2.        During 2 months of period, the Customer has time to finalize the design elements with the interior architect and extras the Customer wishes to add to the Order, after this period is signed the preliminary notarial sales- purchase agreement, Customer is obligated to pay 30% of the total price of the property (including extra costs for the custom made solutions and additions)

3.       After finishing the house box main structures, installation of roof, windows and doors, Parties will celebrate the “roof party”, Customer is obligated to pay 30% of the total price of the house

4.       After property has been finished, the Parties sign the final notarial sales- purchase agreement, The Seller will give over the keys of the property and a delivery act is signed. Parties will finalize the balance of payment through the notarial deposit account and after the notarial agreement is signed- the notary will transfer the final payment to the Seller

Planned time schedule standard is 12 months of period. In case of any special requirements or solutions made for the Customer- Parties may extend the time schedule with signed Annex to the valid agreement. Customer is authorized to inspect the construction during all periods and stages of work and in case of demanded, the Seller is obligated to present documents related to the construction, details and specifications of materials etc.

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