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The White Beach Golf course, designed by Architect Kosti Kuronen, is a 18-hole links type course. The course was opened in 2005 and is an ample challenge for professionals, also offering the enjoyment of succeeding in golf for beginners.
As a special character of the White Beach Golf course in the Audru River bordering the course with several other water areas and “dune views” which adds to the challenge of the game and offer a breathtaking image of the course.
The White Beach Golf course is situated near the city of Pärnu and in the very near vicinity of the Pärnu Gulf and hotel Villa Andropoff. For children, there are activities in the area, such as Whitebeach Adventure Park (Valgeranna Seikluspark) in the beach area, and minigolf at Villa Andropoff.
The White Beach Golf course is open weather permitting from April to October. See more on www.wbg.ee


This is a golf field with 9 holes, located in the vicinity of Leonardo Golf Village and Whitebeach Golf ( good for beginners and children, but also for hobby players).

  • In Audru Golf, you can play the real golf course right away. Your first golf experience wouldn’t stay limited at driving range. We don’t ask you for a green card or handicap.
  • In Audru Golf, they welcome you friendly and if you are a newbie they assist you with your first steps in golf game.
  • In Audru, it is inexpensive to play golf.
  • In Audru Golf, you can rent the golf clubs which are included in greenfee in case you don’t have one of your own.
  • Audru Golf golf course is not too difficult but still challenging enough for scoring low.
  • In Audru Golf, you don’t have to book you game beforehand. You just come when you feel for it and play.
  • It is easy to get here as it is just 10 minutes drive from downtown Pärnu, 1.5 hours by car from Tallinn and in the nearest future  by Railbaltica and Viabaltica (the fastest way).
  • They rent you real restorated hickory shafted golf clubs
  • The length of the Audru golf course, hard greens, sand tees and other elements create the setting and the atmosphere that match the antique clubs
  • The game with old hickory clubs can change your attitude to the golf and actually make you a better player. When playing hickory it is easier to take wise decisions on the golf course. You swing calmer and don’t push for more distance. As a result you will hit the ball better and more consistently. Golf is even more fun! See Video of Audru Golf and the Whitebeach area!

White Beach Golf Field is located close to Villa Andropoff and you can leave the area to find other necessary services. Dining is available at 12.00-22.00 and it is also possible to buy breakfast at 8.00-10.00.In addition, washing facilities are located in Villa Andropoff holiday region.
Starting from the 1970s, the area was, until the Estonian independence, strictly reserved for the top Soviet leadership and their guests. The state main building has since been thoroughly renovated and was opened as a holiday resort and conference centre for the midsummer 1998. The area with exceptional natural charms lies between pine forests and the glittering Pärnu Bay and 500 m from the fine white sandy beach and within 1 km from the villa, you will find Leonardo Golf Village.
A separate sauna building, play-grounds and training facilities are contained on the grounds. In addition to the restaurant, meeting and hotel facilities are in the main building, the high-quality holiday bungalows are situated close to the beach. Guests have a choice of a suite for 4 or 6 or a spacious double room. The suites contain two and three double bedrooms respectively, a living room, kitchenette, sauna, bathroom and WC.
More information including accommodation and other regional services, please visit www.andropoff.ee

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